What To Text Your Former Boyfriend or Girlfriend

So right now, almost a month since you made any contact with your former lover. Excellent Job! Very few people get to this point because they normally break down and contact their ex. At this moment, you are now ready for the first big message. Your former lover will certainly disappear if he or she notices that you are trying to seduce him or her. Ensure you read this article very carefully and do precisely as it says if you want to see your one-time lover again.

The first message should show your thinking about him or her, but you do not intend to get back together. Therefore, you should have a good reason to message your former boyfriend or girlfriend. Just messaging to say hi will clearly reveal that you miss him or her. Sending a message to say hi, will certainly not work, and your one-time lover will not come back into your life in any capacity.

Let’s first of all look at an example, and I will clearly explain why it is an effective first message:

“Hi Cate – Just wanted to ask the name of that watch store. Am trying to find a particular gift for a girlfriend. Hope you are ok!!”

The good thing about this message is that you are texting your former girlfriend for a superb reason. All, you want, is the name of that watch store, which is an excellent excuse to text her. Another good thing about this message is that it does not sound desperate or needy. Finally, the last part of the message looks very cordial because you are not forcing her to text you back.

Let’s look at another example:

“Hi Richard – I went to watch the Celtic game last night, and it was much fun!!! Hope all is well.”

Let’s assume that your former boyfriend was a Celtic fan. By texting your former boyfriend (or girlfriend) about something they love to do, shows that you are thinking about them, and you do not sound desperate. Another thing about this message is that it does not call for action. You are not expecting any reply, and you are not asking for advice.

Using the above two examples as a template, you can effectively open the floodgate of communication with your former boyfriend or girlfriend.

What happens if you receive a reply?

Well, the following might happen. First, you might not get a response at all. If this happens, don’t be discouraged. There are many reasons why people will never get back to you. If you do get a reply wait for a few days (I would recommend a week) and text him or her something similar. Secondly, you might get a reply, but it might be something very boring and short. Lastly, you might get a full response.

With the second and last scenarios, follow these rules:

  1. Don’t reply back right away- If you text your ex back right away you will look desperate.
  2. Reply with something short – Don’t write a novel, reply with something short and sweet.
  3. Ensure that you are the one that ends the interaction – This will show that you don’t miss him or her too much.

Good luck as you get back with your former lover, and hopefully you will not break up a second time! Also we recommend you visit the http://www.textyourexbackprocess.com website for more information.

Learn about The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor reviews you will read online are about a dietary and exercise program designed specially for women – to meet the needs of female bodies for getting into a good shape without doing harm. It is not only a weight-loss program, but rather a complete wellness and health program which results in a slim and toned body as only one of its effects.

John Barban, the creator of this program stresses the difference between a male and a female body. According to him, both psychological and physiological differences influence the way by which males and females acquire good health. Ways to it are much different and delivering a program only for females is the main strength of this program.

Most women who used it say it is very easy to follow. Exercises are demonstrated on an easily understandable way and simple. It requires much effort to do these exercises, but it aims to yield you the best results.

fit womanAnother revolutionary feature of this program is its supportive approach. It enables women to join their forum board to give and take advice and support to each other. That is especially good for all women who don’t have time to go on support group meetings or simply have a negative attitude of their closest friends letting them down. This forum is a place where women share common problems.

The Venus Factor tries to get you in shape by reducing your leptin resistance levels. Leptin is a hormone which plays a key role in your body as a weight controller. Some foods you take raise your leptin resistance level so its amount in your body falls to very low. This way fat cells gather in your body making it unhealthy and giving it a less attractive look.

The program consists of four elements:

  • An exercise plan. The exercises don’t require additional equipment and can be performed wherever you are
  • A virtual nutrition guide – an app that measures and calculates what are your dietary requirements. This app will assist you in making diet plans as your body changes during the course of this program.
  • The community forum – a place where every woman on this program can join and discuss about various aspects of it and give or receive support within the community.
  • User’s manual – a booklet to guide you through the program

Other than that there is an eating guide and a main user’s manual.

Nutrition: A basic principle of the Venus Factor dietary plan is that it doesn’t require you to introduce some new foods you won’t like or to quit something you enjoy. Your dietary habits would be rearranged so some tasty things will perhaps be reduced, but you don’t need to forget about them.

Benefits of The ED Protocol Program

Erectile dysfunction is a very embarrassing condition that frequently affects men. This condition may lead to break ups in marriages and also may reduce a person quality of life. This health disorder is prevalent among people and thus they are many medications and solutions available today, some of them are risky procedures and drugs that have many adverse effects, with poor results because they are not targeting the root causes of the condition.

Jason Long a health researcher and a sufferer of the condition was able to come up with a holistic method known as the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol eBook, after he felt that the remedies available in the market did notTreat the cause of many cases.Following years of research to find a safe and a natural solution for this condition, he was able to discover surprising facts about this disease and its etiology. Thus, he was able to come up with a step by step program to reverse the effects of this disorder permanently.

couple in bedMost physicians attribute the causes of ED to low testosterone in the body but Jason’s research Displayed different conclusion. Jason found out that healthy blood vessels played a crucial role to achieve and maintain aa full erection, testosterone also played a role, but it was negligible. His research revealed that only five percent of cases were as a result of testosterone deficiency. Other instances were due to psychological issues but many of the cases were associated with blood vessels not dilating properly, thus resulting in insufficient blood flow.

The system has highlighted certain things that lead to a complete reversal of the condition. These includes; a list of some Essential amino acids, proteins, enzymes to add to the diet. It offers advises on a number of Dietary supplements and foods to be consumed so as to remedy the condition. Then it offers step by step approach on How to consume the nutrients and take dietary supplements to achieve the desired results.

The benefits include; it is a natural and safe program which is easy to follow and understand.It is easy to understand because it does not contain a lot of medical jargon, and any person can learn and apply the techniques without any difficulty.

ED protocol is available online, and any person can purchase it and start to learn and apply the techniques offered. This is because they is no need to wait for it once your purchase you can start using it. This is a special and unique new program that is readily available for use to reverse the negative effects of erectile dysfunction without complex and hidden side effects.

The program contains a safe alternative to treat erectile dysfunction. Most of the available medications and prescriptions drugs have some serious side effects such as seizures, headaches, cardiac issues and vision problems. But, this is a safe and affordable program that works within days and also it offers a 60-day back money guarantee.

Learning How the Laws of Attraction Works

Law of attraction simply means that a human’s life always becomes what he or she thinks about. For instance, in case you are thinking negatively your life is likely to become negative. Apparently, your dominating thoughts will always manifest themselves in your life. For you to get the most out of this law, it is important to learn about it. This article briefly outlines some steps that you can follow in order to learn it according to the millionaire’s brain program.

How to learn the laws of attraction

First, you should understand what the law of attraction is all about. This law simply means that the universe has been created in such a way that it grants you what you desire. For example, if you desire to have new house and you make it appear in reality there are high chances that you will get the same. The key thing is to understand it and knowing how best you can apply it.

attraction mindsetSecondly, you should know how the law works. All of these start in the mind. If you are thinking about something bad and you believe that it would come to pass then it will definitely happen. On the on contrary, if you are thinking good thoughts and believe so, they will take place. The universe does not consider whether you desire it or not but takes cue from the fact the you have been thinking about it

Next, for you to practice the law of attraction well you should practice the following. You should think about what you desire as if it has already taken place. You should always have faith in what you desire and absolutely believe that it will take place in your life. Moreover, you should visualize you desire and continuously speak words of affirmation by saying positive things to yourself.

Another thing is that you should know whether you are applying this law perfectly or not. If you are thinking positively and you are constantly motivated, then you are applying the laws well. For instance, if you are imagining what your desire in your life now, it simply means that you are happy about it. While if you are constantly unhappy and worried then you are thinking about the laws in a wrong way, thereby attracting wrong things in life.

In addition, you should understand how fast the law of attraction works. This varies from situation to situation and from person to person. In some instances it manifests your desire quickly but at times it can take a lot more time to be able to manifest itself. Ideally, the general steps that the laws follow is that the universe will receive instructions and make situations happen which will make you to receive you desires.

Briefly, for the laws of attraction to work, you must understand it. Secondly, you should know how it works and practice it. Finally, it is essential that you apply it well. The law often works and your contribution is to tell the universe through emotions what you desire. Why not take advantage of this so that you can lead a fulfilling abundant life.

Obsession Phrases eBook

The Secret Obsession Phrase is an Ebook that was made by a female author named Kelsey Diamond. This book is supposed to outline the techniques to get any man to fall completely in love with you by using these “obsession phrases” to psychologically alter his thinking. This program proposes to give the woman the ability to better understand men and to get the relationship that women really want. It is specifically designed for women to be able to connect with the man of your dreams on another level and somehow get him to want to commit and be empowered to engage in a healthy long-term relationship.

happy couple huggingThe Obsession phrases program helps women to understand the male thinking process and his thoughts on relationships, usually based on past experiences. It is useful for single women who can’t seem to get the man of their dreams, as well as the frustrated girlfriend or wife that wants a better relationship with their boyfriend or husband. Apparently, this program is able to make the man not even want to glance at any other women.

The whole point of this program is to promote understanding within the women and to enchant the man of interest. There are a few ways to use this program. The two most beneficial ways to use it are, to print out the pdf version of it. Or, you can stream the MP3 and listen to it anywhere and at any time. The program uses a psychological approach to get into the man’s head and change the way he thinks about relationships, commitment, and even what he thinks about you.

The website of this program is just the story of a man named Patrick, whom Kelsey Diamond used these tactics on. He outline the details since the time they met, up until the time that she told him that she had been using her obsession phrases on him for the past few weeks. To summarize the detailed events, Patrick met Kelsey at a party. He was not interested because she did not have the full figure that he searched for in his women. She came up to him and introduced herself. He was polite but still not interested. Then, she began using her obsession phrase and he was immediately enamored by her. As time passed he fell deeper and deeper in love with her and he finally told her about his feelings. She then confessed to him about the obsession phrases and it made him respect her even more.

For the price of $47, you can get any man to fall in love with you and do whatever you want. All it takes is for you to follow the guidelines and use the phrases that are given by Kelsey Diamond. Unfortunately, there is no preview or a few phrases that are just floating around on the internet. You have to buy the program in order to have access to any of the phrases and tip listed in this comprehensive guide to creating love where it is one-sided.

The future of mSpy technology

The dawn of the information age is here. It’s estimated that there were over 25 billion communication handsets in use by mid 2014. Electronic and software engineers, are developing even ‘smarter’ smartphones every other day. In no other time in history, has man made such strides as far data and communication technology is concerned. These developments have been closely followed by an epic rise in cyber crime and misuse of these devices. The question every parent to a teenager constantly ponders over is “I wonder what he/she is always doing on his/her phone or computer?” Cases of lovers snooping their partners phones due to suspicion of infidelity or otherwise remain quite common. This is where mspy comes in.

Developed by a team of mobile software developers from Oregon, US, mspy is considered a top of the range product when it comes to cellphone tracking, computer monitoring and parental control. The software, which has received high ratings among it’s users, offers a wide variety of features, including the traditional keylogger (records the keystrokes of a computer keyboard in the background). The info gathered by this spy software is sent to a remote client device discreetlly. Here the user can keep track of entirely anything accessed by the target device, including web-pages visited, social media applications, Whatsapp , Viber and SMS messages sent and received. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Even better. The following are some of the cool reasons that make this 256 bit encrypted software the best value for your money.

mspy logo

Compatibility: Mspy can be installed on literally any device running a software-based operating system. This includes all versions of android OS and Windows phone OS. Iphone and Blackberry devices are also compatible with this application. The user interface is also direct and easy to use.

Reliable and discreet: The app operates in ‘stealth’ mode and it is almost impossible for the target party to know that there under monitor, i recently learned that it even does not show up on the list of installed applications or programs, very smart indeed. I actually wonder what algorithm the app programmers used to pull that.

Regular updates: The world is an ever evolving place, the developers of this application, are also known to keep up with the changing technology by releasing regular software updates. This means that even if your son updates his Lumia phone to Windows Cyan, you can still keep track of his whereabouts using the GPS tracking feature. In no way can this product be rendered obsolete.

Out of the box features, core competency: This is one of the few spy soft-wares that i discovered had the capability of blocking specific calls from the target’s party device, remotely erasing/locking the phone and even grabbing the IMEI number. All this amazing features can be accessed from as little as $39.99 per every three months.

However, there’s a downside to every great invention. Over the years the developers have reviewed the installation policy to avoid infringing people’s privacy. The terms and conditions for use require that the client should own the device before installing the spyware or submit their consent to having their phone spied on.

Kyle Leon Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is a software program that was developed by nutrition and fitness specialist, Kyle Leon, which provides the trainer with an authentically unique and customized approach to nutrition. In reference to claims, this program packs on human muscle in a record time without consuming additional fat hence maintaining you lean while similarly building your body up to the level you would want to attain.

This program uses the four patented formulas in order to tailor your particular anabolic nutritional requirements. These patented formulas were examined and also tweaked for several years by prominent fitness and body building models until they were made excellent. The nutrition is particularly customized to you as an individual that also include your metabolism, age, height, age and most essentially, the nutrition is tailored to your somatotype and weight training regimen.

Sbeginneromanabolic Muscle Maximizer argues that it will provide your body with what it precisely requires in order build muscles by distributing your calories and macronutrients to your body through the whole day that depends on whether you are carrying exercises or not. This is mainly carried out by making use of the two anabolic windows that you normally have per day thus providing your body with exactly what it requires during pre and post exercises. Besides, on the days that you do not carry out exercises, the nutrition used for your recovery is normally custom structured in order to rebuild and repair the body tissues of the body very fast.

By making use of the methods that shifts your macronutrients and calories, the recovery of the muscles is very fast and the soreness is normally eradicated completely. With graphs and charts that are very easy to fully understand, you can be able to track the progress of your transformation and make sure that you are on the fastest way possible to a leaner, new as well as more muscular physique.

Therefore, it is important to note the the program is not meant for weekend warriors who perform few pushups per week and look at themselves in the mirror to observe any change. In order to fully benefit from this system, you should be a serious and determined weight trainer who is very serious and dedicated to building muscle physique that can turn heads away. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced body builder, this system can only be beneficial to you if you are determined to follow all the instructions that the program prepares for your individual type of body.

There are several body building and weight loss programs that are currently available; however none of the programs is a magic fix. All of them require seriousness and full dedication in spite of who you opt to go with for training. Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program is actually not for everybody therefore you need to carry out proper research by shopping around before choosing which one of them to buy. Through this, you will be able to get the best program that is most suitable for you and can help you get ripped and lose weight very faster.